• <!--:es-->Habitaciones con todas las comodidades y vista a la piscina.<!--:-->
<!--:en-->Rooms with all the amenities and pool view.<!--:-->
<!--:pt-->Quartos com todas as comodidades e vista para a piscina.<!--:-->

    Rooms with all the amenities and pool view.

  • <!--:es-->Alojese apartamentos de 2 a 6 personas.<!--:-->
<!--:en-->Stay in apartments of 2 to 6 people<!--:-->
<!--:pt-->Mantenha-se em apartamentos de 2 - 6 pessoas<!--:-->
    Apart Hotel

    Stay in apartments of 2 to 6 people

  • <!--:es-->Único en Uruguay<!--:-->
<!--:en-->Unique in Uruguay<!--:-->
<!--:pt-->Único no Uruguai<!--:-->
    Medical Spa

    Unique in Uruguay

Welcome to Punta del Este Hotel Arenas.

Located in a natural environment of sand, sea, forests and streams, and with easy access to the ocean beach is the beautiful Hotel Arenas Punta del Este. Ideally located, 15 minutes from downtown Punta del Este and just five minutes from the calm and warm beaches of Solanas, is an ideal place for families to enjoy. A must for those who love nature and want to have fun and live a unique and unforgettable destination. Its balmy climate, you can enjoy the beach Chihuahua almost all year.

Meet our dedicated services to your satisfaction.

Located 10 minutes from the airport, its beautiful beaches offer an ideal place to enjoy natural activities and the night.

Punta del Este is the VIP resort of South America, attracts major shows and has dozens of miles of beaches to enjoy.

Our chef, named gives him a wide variety of flavors and delicacies, both traditional local cuisine as international.

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